... Brand new High Intensity Interval Resistance Training full body workout designed to shred body fat, increase lean muscle and improve fitness levels, suitable for all fitness levels and age groups!

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Main Benefits:

  • Incorporates both Cardio and Muscular fitness (High Intensity Interval Resistance Training)
  • Helps develop strong bones and joints
  • 1000 kCal burn in 1 hour: up to 600 kCal burn in 40 minute exercise
  • up to 900 kCal after burn in 38 hours after exercise

  • £6.00 per session payable in advance
  • Includes pre-workout energy tea and post-workout recovery shake, Free Wellness Profile and Personalised Meal Plan & Education Lesson (Fast Track to Level 10 on Mondays at 7:00PM) after CobraFIT 
  • £8.00 per session for those who desire instead of a regular Formula 1 recovery shake -
    one of our cutting edge sports nutrition recovery shakes - Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength.

How does the time break down?

  • 5 minutes for energising, metabolism boosting tea before the workout
  • 45 minutes of warm-up, workout and cool-down
  • 15-30 minutes of re-fuel/ recovery & education on nutrition (Monday Night Only - Fast Track to Level 10)
  • If coming for the first time, please arrive 10-15 before class starts

How does it work?

· Classes need to be pre-booked – you can’t just turn up to workout
· Classes may be indoors or outdoors so come dressed for an outdoor workout
· Includes a FREE Wellness Profile so we can find out some body metrics


What to bring?

  • Sports attire (NO JEANS)
  • Trainers
  • Water bottle
  • Money to book next session
  • Fingerless weights/running gloves [OPTIONAL]

Safety Notes

  • Long hair tied back
  • No jewellery, especially earrings and rings

    Features & BenefitsCobraFIT has been carefully designed to achieve development in both cardiovascular and muscular conditioning through use of the H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval training) and H.I.I.R.T (High Intensity Interval Resistance Training) principals. H.I.I.T is an exercise strategy alternating periods of short, high intensity exercise with short duration recovery periods to create fitness adaptations. H.I.I.R.T is a strategy that employs the same alternating periods of short intensity using a weight as additional resistance.The Cobra-Bags are small to extra-large sized, and built with toughness and durability to handle anything you can throw at them. The Cobra-Bags typically used in our class routines weigh between 4kg and 12kg. Most, if not all of the exercises that can be performed with kettle bells, dumbbells or barbells (and some that can’t) can be performed with a Cobra-Bag. The Cobra Bag offers movements that cannot be duplicated with any other tool & allows an individual to move all three planes of motion during a single movement!CobraFIT is based on an all-inclusive methodology where anyone can participate successfully in a class and can be progressed by using varying weight bags,alternative exercises, regression and variations. It encourages self-monitoring and offers clear benchmarks for self-improvement and development for every individual.

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