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Welcome to your first steps in understanding how Herbalife can work with you to create a wonderful lifestyle

Now my purpose today and the days ahead is to help you get what you want.

I invite you to start by reading the extract below so you fully understand what a Wellness Coach is all about. Then, decide if you are ready to say the three most powerful words:

"Yes I Can ... Succeed In My Own Business!"

Are you enterprising, interested in health, nutrition, life coaching, sports and wellness? Then becoming a Wellness Coach and developing wellness groups and teams in your area could be the business opportunity for you.

We are currently looking to recruit 5 strong individuals to join our team of dedicated Independent Personal Wellness coaches. As a member of our team you will be working with the international brand Herbalife. Herbalife was established in 1980 and is now approved and operational in over 90 countries world-wide with a $6.5billion turnover in 2013.

We pride ourselves in helping everyday people get in to the best shape of their lives by tailoring programmes to suit their specific needs: Weight Loss, Body Shaping, Muscle Building, Energy levels, daily nutrition, skin care........... And we can offer you the opportunity to get involved in a new and unique exercise system, so if you wanted to get a career in fitness but didn’t want to pay the fees attached to a Personal Trainer course then we have the entry level into fitness with CobraFit.

By joining our team you will benefit from the following:

  • Flexible working hours
  • No risk to current job/circmustances/commitments
  • Full support, education and accreditated training is provided nationally (so no experience needed).
  • Low start up costs.
  • Structured methods to deliver to your customers and communities
  • Full support and mentoring online and face to face
  • Ability to build a business beyond yourself and optimise your earnings as a fitness professional
The following criteria are essential:
  • You must have a keen interest in health and wellness
  • You must have a desire to improve your own shape/health/vitality/sports performance
  • You must be available to attend a free one day business showcase on either a Saturday or Sunday during the first month
If you have never invested in a business watch this short information video FIRST:

To find out more: Contact me to see how I can help you get off the ground in your area.


Disclaimer - When considering or comparing business opportunities please be aware that it is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme.


Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.† Incomes are applicable to the individuals presented and are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical. Any earnings will depend on factors including your business skills and the effort and time you put into the business.

Carla BentCB Nutrition2 Bluebank Lane, Bolsover

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I am Carla Bent of CB Nutrition, Herbalife Distributors based within Chesterfield, UK

At CB Nutrition we focus on helping all clients attain optimum health and wellness by means of an improved and balanced diet with the help of personal coaching and support. We also have an online food log website, iChange where we can do more in depth monitoring of your daily food intake.

Please have a look around and if you have any questions please give me a call!

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